10 reasons to buy The Muse

10 reasons to buy The Muse

With a plethora of portable, battery-powered lamps on the market, we wanted The Muse to stand apart from the rest.

During our extensive research and development for The Muse, we found that most portable lamps have a short battery life, fully integrated light sources and are made mostly from plastic that cannot be recycled. As a result, they often end up in landfill once the bulbs or batteries have expired.

This is where The Muse is different. By embracing the ‘right to repair’ movement, we aim to tackle the issue of electronic waste by making The Muse both technically efficient and repairable over time.

Built to be repaired

For a longer life and less waste, The Muse has been constructed to allow for easy disassembly allowing for repair, replacement, and recycling. All parts (including the bulb and battery) can be replaced easily with common tools.

“Electronic waste is a huge problem for the planet so our design is built for repairability and avoids plastic at all costs”
– Joshua Ward, Co-founder

IP44 Rated

The Muse is wet rated IP44, meaning it can operate in wet and wild conditions. While we don’t recommend leaving it out in the rain, The Muse is tough enough to withstand even the British outdoors.

Long battery life

Let us break it down: at 100% brightness (400 lumens), you will get 8 hours usage before needing to recharge. At 50% brightness (200 lumens), you get 12 hours usage before a top up is needed. At 25% brightness (100 lumens and equivalent to the light of 8 candles), you get 24 hours usage.

If you really want to show off, when dimmed down to 12 lumens (approx. 1 candle), The Muse will run for approximately 2 weeks on a single charge. Yes, really – we’ve tested it.


With its solid brass handle, aluminium shell and borosilicate glass case, The Muse is built to be carried with you wherever you go. Lightweight and conveniently sized, it is ideal for a camping trip, outdoor entertaining or even taking the bins out at night.

Wireless and USB-C charge
We were keen to future-proof The Muse and ensure simple charging with modern technology. You can charge it with the USB Type-C provided, or place on your wireless charger to re-energise for further use.

Dim to Warm technology
We made sure our industry leading Dim to Warm characteristics were present in The Muse. Achieving a warm ambient hue when dimmed down, right up to a bright crisp white light at full power, The Muse offers illumination to suit all settings.

CRI 97 and zero flicker

To get technical, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is defined as a light source’s ability to render colour. Essentially, the measure is intended to characterise the quality of light emitted by any given bulb. CRI is rated from 1-100. The higher the CRI, the more accurately the light source renders every colour in the visible spectrum. To have what is generally considered good colour rendering, a source must be greater than 80 CRI.
Our custom 12V bulb created for The Muse provides CRI 97 Tala’s light. Illuminating the world as it is meant to be seen.

Made from premium materials

Constructed from premium brass, glass and aluminium, The Muse won’t age, bleach, or become brittle over the years. What’s more, the natural materials are widely recycled.

Three exclusive colourways

The Muse is available in three custom Farrow &Ball colours: ‘Hackles’ black, ‘Candlenut’ white and Pleasure Garden ‘green’.

“Just like the Muse itself, the colours have been designed to stand the test of time and feel instantly at home wherever you set them down.”
– Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball

Recyclable packaging

The design process doesn’t stop with the lamp. We made sure to extend the low environmental impact of the Muse to the packaging. Made from 100% recyclable brown cardboard and paper, you can add it to your recycling bin after unpacking the product.

We like to think that The Muse will be handed down from generation to generation; a modern-day heirloom that will never go out of style.

As featured by minimalgoods, the online design community celebrating the best in minimal design.

The Muse was also recently listed in the best garden lights to buy right now by The Times.

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