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Meet Josie, Marketing Assistant and sustainability advocate

Meet Josie, Marketing Assistant and sustainability advocate

With it being World Environment Day, we decided to speak to Marketing Assistant and all-round sustainability advocate, Josie Brenta.

Since joining Tala early in 2018, Josie has been instrumental in reducing our use of paper, keeping her colleagues in check when recycling and has even promised herself to never buy coffee in a single-use cup ever again.

With Tala Studios powered by renewable energy, and with a zero waste to landfill policy, among other initiatives, Josie aims to continue our mission to reduce our carbon footprint.

Hey Josie, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
The same as always, chocolate chip brioche, grapefruit and a black coffee with honey. It’s a bit of a ritual now.

Tell us about your role at Tala, what do you do?
I work within the Brand department as Marketing Assistant. I’m in charge of everything from updating our website and our retailer’s online platforms, to analytics reporting and working with our digital agencies to improve our website and advertising.

I also help to create and produce our catalogue which I love doing. It’s great to celebrate our amazing case studies and partnerships.

Where were you before Tala and what was the overarching decision maker to work here?
Where wasn’t I before Tala! I have had quite a mixed job background. Choosing not to go to university allowed me to jump straight into different jobs and experience a handful of industries. I’ve always ended up in the marketing roles both in-house and at agencies. When I found Tala I totally fell in love with the role, company ethos and team. I feel proud to come to work each day.

What’s been your biggest success to date?
Our most recent print run was a big achievement. As a company we are reducing our print quantities in general, so what we do produce we want to be of the very best quality. I visited our printer for a tour of the factory to help me understand how we could make the production as sustainable as possible.
In the end, we used recycled paper and were able to remove all use of glue from our most recent catalogue. We reduced numbers and worked hard on creating a digital version of the catalogue which hopefully will eradicate the need for print all together one day.

A little birdy told me you’re moving to live in London from Kent. What are you most excited about moving here?
Yes, from Kent to Kentish town. I can’t wait! I am going to miss the countryside but I am moving close to Hampstead Heath so I’ll still be surrounded by greenery. I’m excited to have the freedom of the tube, growing up with only one bus every two hours to get me into town was not fun. I’m excited to use the night buses and tubes and I can’t wait to go dancing!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Single-use coffee cups. I bought myself a Keep Cup last year and if I forget to bring it with me I either skip coffee for the day or I will sit down and have it in. Even compostable coffee cups can’t be put in household compost bins because we don’t have the infrastructure to dispose of them which makes them just as bad, and unfortunately no one really knows that. It was a really simple shift for me and something that I can’t stop noticing with other people now. Also straws. You don’t need them, stop it!

With it being World Environmental Day this week (June 5th) could you share three things we could all do to make our world a better place for our future generations?
Eat less meat
Buy a reusable cup or bottle
Avoid fast fashion
This year my New Years Resolution was not to buy any new clothes, instead I go to charity shops, browse on Ebay and hold clothes swaps with my friends and colleagues.

Who inspires you the most?
Ellen DeGeneres. She is so full of joy and does incredible things for charity.

What’s your favourite TV programme?
The Great British Bake Off. The days of Mary Berry though, obviously. I actually met Paul Hollywood once.

What do you get up to in your spare time?
Currently, a lot of my free time is spent at home working with my Dad on an upcoming music festival we hold every year in our village, this year’s our 7th! We’re trying to make the festival as sustainable as possible and I have been put in charge of making that happen. It will be jam-packed with music, games and camping, it’s my favourite event of the year!

And what’s your favourite sweet thing to bake?
Madeleines, I’ve made these a couple of times for the office and they seemed to go down pretty well.

Thanks to Josie for sharing her tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
Look out for more initiatives from Tala and our team in the coming months.