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David Weeks for Tala


David Weeks for Tala

A premium lighting collection

Comprising three brand new product ranges – Reflection, Echo and Mirage – and bringing to life existing Tala LED bulbs with a fresh aesthetic and functional perspective, David Weeks for Tala offers high-end lighting design at competitive prices.

Reflection is available now, with Echo and Mirage following later in 2021.


Designed around the quartet of bulbs from Tala’s Porcelain range – Enno, Noma, Oblo and Oval – the Reflection table lamps mirror the unique form and finish of the light bulbs to create a modern and sophisticated design object.


“I wanted to make a modern, less frilly version of a side lamp wherein the shape of the bulb makes up the volume of the form. The porcelain base has an organic softness that still feels very clean and unfussy. We circled the joint of the lamp with a high gloss glaze, a subtle detail that really activates the innate elegance of its modest form.”

– David Weeks on Reflection



Echo is a striking series that is all about structure and form. Taking its lead from Tala’s Sphere IV bulbs, the Echo pieces are notable for their angular shape and strong, steel framing.

Featuring a table and floor lamp, as well as a dramatic and elegant chandelier, Echo is a modern take on holistic lighting and offers a dynamic solution for any interior.

“Asymmetry is achieved by working backward, starting at the end. We decide where we want the bulbs to go and then solve the problem of getting them there. This way awkwardness always has remedy; it gets reconciled along the way. The result is off-kilter but wholly balanced.”

– David Weeks on Echo