Conservation Through Beauty

Started by friends at the University of Edinburgh in 2015, Tala was founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From our London-based studio, we explore the tension between sustainability, technology and design through lighting.

A seamless switch

We believe that beautiful objects and efficient technology belong together. Our in-house R&D team and engineering lab combine the best of British design with superior componentry to prolong the life of each light bulb for as long as possible. On average, a Tala bulb uses 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. And it won’t need replacing for 10-15 years.

Every idea starts with a seed

We think it’s pretty cool that trees absorb carbon dioxide to grow and produce oxygen. By planting more we can reduce carbon emissions and increase our impact. That is why we support reforestation programmes around the world. By choosing Tala, you are helping restore a healthy planet for future generations.

In the UK, we partner with The Heart of England Forest on building and protecting a vast, new unbroken woodland in the middle of England. To date we have funded the planting of 14,800 native broad-leaf trees.

​​In the USA, we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to restore ecosystems across the country by planting in areas where reforestation addresses the greatest ecological need. To date we have contributed to planting 10,000 trees in areas severely affected by forest fires; the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon and Lassen National Forest in California.

Built to last

Today, Tala designs and supplies a whole variety of lighting products. From the functional to the decorative, our LED bulbs and accompanying fixtures illuminate the interiors of homes, offices, designer studios, stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Our full range can be found at some of the finest showrooms and boutiques around the world. And with the team now counting 50 passionate people in London and New York, the future is bright.

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