Tala in the Bathroom

Tala in the Bathroom

Installing Tala in the bathroom has never been easier. With the release of three new wet rated light bulbs and fixtures, we can now say we’ve got the complete package for illuminating your bathroom.

From functional spotlights and wall sconces to statement pendant displays, you can now enjoy Tala in the bathroom in a variety of ways.

In this guide, we showcase the myriad ways to illuminate your bathroom with perfectly dimmable, visually arresting lighting.

Interior Fox
Lochan Wall Light in Brass, paired with Oval LED bulb

Enno Pendant Light in Graphite

Sphere IV Pendant Light in Brass

Lochan Wall Light in Graphite, paired with Sphere III LED bulb

The Bank, Cornwall
Walnut Pendant and Voronoi II LED bulbs

Brass Pendant and Porcelain III LED bulb

Brass Pendant and Voronoi I LED bulb

The Muse in Candlenut white