Compliance WEEE

3 Lightbulbs With Lights Turned On

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations is an EU directive implemented in 2007 to reduce the amount of Electrical and Electronic Equipment going to landfill and increase the rates of recycling and reuse. In scope are fluorescent lamps (CFL and fluorescent tubes) and LEDs.

Starting in 2019, luminaires (ie. lighting fixtures) will also be under scope. Tala, as a manufacturer of LED light bulbs and fixtures, is required to contribute by joining a WEEE compliance scheme in each EU country we distribute in (once our sales reach a certain volume).

In the UK, we have joined the WEEE compliance scheme, Recolight, and have since absorbed a £0.04 per product cost to ensure the future recycling of Tala items.

We are also part of a WEEE compliance scheme in Germany - Get e Right

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