Tala Lighting is the top choice for professionals, offering meticulously crafted products designed to captivate individuals who appreciate refined lighting and interior design.

Tala Pro

If you are a Designer or an Architect and want to join over 4000 professionals using our online portal to access trade benefits then the Tala Pro programme is for you.
+ Exclusive pricing

+ Free shipping

+ Dedicated sales support

+ Expedited shipping

OEM Partnerships

If you are looking for fully customised light bulbs, light sources and modular electronics then the Tala OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership is for you. 
+ Modular & Lifestyle Display 

+ Bulb Paring Program

+ Online floor staff training 


If you would like to stock our products in your store or become an accredited displaying partner then the Tala Retail Growth Program is for you.
+ Customise shape, glass finish, electronic and photometric parameters 

+ Custom moulds, packaging and dimming curves 

+ Fully certified with global IP coverage