Mantle Magic: A Portable Lamp Story

Mantle Magic: A Portable Lamp Story

At the heart of Mantle is how we take inspiration from the enchantment of candlelight whilst mirroring the beauty of enamel, stone and earthenware found on dinner tables.

Characterised by its slender size and conical form, Mantle cascades light downward to illuminate surfaces, working to enhance shared or alone experiences that could use a little light. Such as; dining, reading, outdoor adventures or moving around the home without using multiple light sources. Group of the Mantle Table Lamps

Taking inspiration from tea light holders found back in the 1900s the rear handle was designed to encourage easy interaction and movement – offering you exactly what portable lighting should.

The thought process.

The team's colour choice for Mantle drew inspiration from items found on the dinner table and materials that could provide an efficient all-in-one coating. As a result, Mantle is enveloped in a single sheet of high-grade stainless steel, also forming the rear handle. The colour finishes pay homage to dinner table serving materials, featuring a hand-applied speckle effect reminiscent of rugged materials like earthenware, stone, and metal.

Tableware and The Mantle Portable Lamp

A right to repair.

As we continue to support the ‘right to repair’ movement, the batteries and circuitry are easily replaceable to extend the lifetime of the piece, reducing waste and your environmental footprint. Moreover, Mantle features a high-specification light bulb that offers smooth dimming, with no flicker, and an impressive Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95. All of this is at your fingertips, controllable via a subtle push-button dimmer on the base.

The Mantle Portable Lamp in Stone White

Take it from us.

Each finish is carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of your surroundings and match your personal style. Whilst the multiple choice of light output allows you to control the atmosphere you want to create. So, whether you’re planning a quiet night in or dining outdoors with your loved ones, Mantle can be used to tie a decorative flare together and set the tone when needed.

The Mantle Portable Lamp

To Summarise. 

Mantle blends candlelight charm with dinner table elegance, featuring a sleek design for versatile use. Inspired by vintage tea light holders, it's portable and comes in various elegant finishes. With replaceable components, a high-quality light bulb, and customisable lighting, Mantle offers both sustainability and style.