Reclaim, Repair, Recycle with Tala + Bert & May

Reclaim, Repair, Recycle with Tala + Bert & May

A coffee morning with tiles, tote bags and product teasers.

This July, we teamed up with Bert & May to co-host a breakfast morning at their showroom in Chelsea.

We spent this time diving into all things, reclaim, repair and recycle, using our shared passion for sustainability. We worked to create a space that encouraged ‘no question is a silly question’, showcasing new products to be launched from both parties and debates that led to inquisitive thinking.


“Committed to exceptional materials and fine craftsmanship, the Bert & May name is synonymous with a raw yet refined aesthetic. Our tiles are created with longevity in mind and colour at their core.”

Known as the go-to specialist supplier of handmade artisan tiles in curated colours, Bert & May have taken the design world by storm since their rebrand in 2013. Using this breakfast morning to showcase their reclaimed tiles, Bert & May elaborated on their hate for waste whilst chasing their passion to reclaim as many historical and beautiful Spanish tiles allowing them to be reworked into new settings.

Reclaimed materials.

Bert & May’s commitment to using reclaimed tiles is ongoing, something we admire with our own mission to build sustainability into every product. Their team in Spain are always on the lookout and are regularly salvaging antique tiles to be used – dedication. Some tiles used could be over 100 years in age (the stories they could tell if the walls could talk!)

Bert & May make it their goal to clean them up, build life back into them and then pass them over to their new owner for hopefully another 100 years.

Sustainability + Tala.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Tala’s values, beginning with our mission to become the world’s definitive zero carbon lighting brand. As lighting experts, we want to show how brilliant low-carbon living can be, or better yet, that it can be done. Leading with the mindset of ‘low energy is good but low carbon and low impact is better.’ We build our LED bulbs with performance and impact in mind whilst driving our industry closer to a low carbon future.


Daniel Carpenter, Senior Designer at Tala presented our iconic Muse Portable Lamp, designed from robust materials with no fixed parts allowing it to be repaired over time to extend its life. Dan also took the A&D audience through a sneak peak of our new table lamp launching next week – designed to celebrate the reclaimed materials found on our shorelines and manufactured using recycled materials.


As the morning ended, we reflected on the positive impact both brands will have on the future of interiors, and we are proud of the steps we are taking and our continued collaboration.

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