Blue Table Chocolates, Buffalo NY

Blue Table Chocolates, Buffalo NY

Arch&Type, tasked with creating a space for artisan chocolatier Blue Table Chocolates, focused on enhancing the crafting and consumption of chocolate. 

Designers Seth Amman and Adam McCullough explored chocolate's emotional and physiological impacts, translating them into the design through materials and space. The warm atmosphere combines soft matte white oak, lime-wash paint, large aggregate concrete, mirrored metal, and gold accents.

The Tala Oval Pendant lights play a significant role, adding to the sensory experience. The project embraced local resources, including in-house craftspeople, a digital fabrication factory, and a metalworker reimagining design elements, resulting in a sculptural ceiling and custom details.

The collaborative multidisciplinary approach created a unique and distinctly Buffalo space that celebrates chocolate and architectural craft.

Architecture & Interiors: Arch&Type

Millwork Fabrication: McCullough Design and Mark Amman

Ceiling Parametric Modeling: Mariella Hirschoff

Parametric Programming: Dan Vrana and Wade Georgi (University at Buffalo)

Parametric Tile Fabrication (University at Buffalo Students): Mariella Hirschoff, Naiara Mares, Raul Nieto, Tavian Swick, Fazal Khan, Jonathan Reyes, John Archilla

Parametric Tile Fabrication Location: University at Buffalo, School of Architecture SMART Lab

Metal Fabrication: Buffalo Niagara Weldworks

Building Owner: Larkin Development Group at Millrace Commons General

Contractor: Pike Construction Services

Lighting: Tala 

Photography: Kim Smith