Wiper and True, Bristol

Wiper and True, Bristol

Inclusive and welcoming Bristol-based biophilic taproom.

Wiper and True was created with the aim to be inclusive and welcoming to as many people as possible. With this guiding principle, they carefully curated not only the design of their taproom – a sheltered green oasis hidden from the hustle and bustle of Bristol – but also the range of drinks on offer at the bar.

Bristol-based Studio B designed the beautiful, plant-filled taproom and beer garden. It was important to Wiper and True to work with a local studio, which also prioritised the use of sustainable materials, independent makers and manufacturers. Tala bulbs feature throughout the central taproom and seating area. Paired beautifully with the greenery reaching high into the space, the assortment of Voronoi I, II, III and Gaia bulbs match the design aesthetic with their biophilic inspired filament structures and soft warm glow.

This purpose-built taproom was designed from scratch, enabling the Wiper and True team to prioritise important features such as accessibility and inclusivity; flat flooring gives level access throughout, while flexible furniture arrangements and a large section of dropped bar allows wheelchair users to order comfortably at the bar.

Location: Bristol, UK
Products: Voronoi IVoronoi IIVoronoi IIIGaia
Photography: Wiper and True
Design: Studio B
NRAC Certified Access Consultants: Direct Access Group

hospitality interior with voronoi pendant lights