A sunny afternoon with Amy from our Specifications Team

A sunny afternoon with Amy from our Specifications Team

Understanding people’s needs and desires is an important skill to have as part of the sales team. Advising which of our products suits a space and explaining where best to place it can be a challenging job. This week I spoke to Amy, our Senior Specification Executive, about her role and how she approaches architects, interior designers and homeowners on a regular basis. Communicating the energy savings and environmental impact of our products to clients is one of her daily priorities.

It was ‘that’ beautiful hot day a few weeks ago, so we sat outside on the balcony and had a chat.

Hey Amy, tell me, how long have you been at Tala Studios and what’s your role?
I’ve been at Tala for 5 months now as Senior Specification Executive. My role involves meeting with specifiers which includes lighting designers, interiors designers, architects, contractors & homeowners. I speak to them about all the wonderful things we do at Tala and why it would beneficial for them to work with us. If the specifiers see the value, they will put Tala into the projects they’re working on.

Can you tell me about a few projects that you are most proud to have been involved in?
I work very closely with the Soho House team who are awesome and are always super busy working on the next big thing. When finishing off White City they were a few bulbs short. I organised for same day delivery and it was received within 2 hours of the request. That’s customer service at its finest in my opinion. I often get sent luminaire schedules where I can recommend which design of our bulbs will suit the light fitting specified. A few unique restaurant projects include Percy & Founders and The Lighterman, which both have a great atmosphere and vibe. And finally, many beautiful residential projects that I’m really proud of, but are top secret.

What does a day in the life of a Senior Specification Executive look like at Tala?
Headphones are normally in listening to Citymapper telling me where to go whilst I walk the streets of London. Normally my day starts with emails and calls, then off to meetings in the city. My meetings can be anywhere from a residential space to an architect’s office where they’re planning a future build. What I love is seeing a transformation of a project from its bare bones to completion: it’s amazing what can happen in a few months.

What is the most challenging thing about your role and why?
The hardest part is constantly balancing proactive and reactive mindsets. It’s important to be the face of the brand so I pride myself on customer service, but it can be difficult staying in touch with all current accounts whilst still reaching out to everyone else who doesn’t yet know about Tala.

What is the best and most rewarding element of working for Tala?
The best part of Tala are the people! It’s been such a refreshing experience joining the team. Everyone has such an interesting past with such transferable skills and we all really care about our products. The most rewarding part of my job is when my name and the Tala USPs are written into specification and getting new projects. Also, nothing beats getting referred!

Some quick fire questions:
What’s your go to cuisine?
Oh this is a tough question! I’m an absolute foodie! I’m going to have to say 3: Mexican, Japanese and Thai!

What place would you love to travel to that you haven’t been yet?
It’s got to be Brazil. I went travelling in South America after University but missed Brazil as I thought the country deserved to be explored separately. The country is huge! I would also love to go to New Zealand 🙂

Thanks so much Amy for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.

If you’re an architect, designer, business or homeowner and would love to talk to Amy or Jason about our products get in contact by emailing projects@talaled.com

Also, if you’re interested in our career opportunities, take a look at our careers page, or read another #TeamTala interview for more reasons to apply!