Aiding Oregon Reforestation

Aiding Oregon Reforestation

Throughout their thousand-year lifespans, trees never truly stop working on improving the environment. We think it’s pretty cool of them to produce all that oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As humans we benefit so much from trees; our lives literally depend on them!

Sadly, frequent forest fires and deforestation present ever bigger risks to the ecosystem. That’s why our conservation programme is so important to us. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we plant trees in areas of the United States where reforestation addresses the greatest ecological need.

Our first contribution has gone towards the Bailey Butte fire reforestation in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon.

Encompassing 850,000 acres of sprawling forest, canyons and rimrock, the Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon is a unique National Forest. Dry conditions combined with a natural lightning strike ignited the Bailey Butte Fire in the Summer of 2014.

By the time the fire was extinguished, more than 10,000 acres were burned. Following the fire, the U.S. Forest Service initiated an aggressive reforestation effort. Since the fire, the NFF has been hard at work to re-forest the area with 268,000 native trees. Once planted, these young seedlings will help stabilise eroding hill sides and provide habitat for native wildlife.

With every Tala purchase, project or partnership, we are able to do more to incite positive change.

To date, Tala has contributed to planting 7,400 trees in the UK and 5,000 trees in the US. By Spring of 2018, we aim to have planted nearly 30,000 trees in total!​

Our goal is promote responsible consumerism and to leave behind thriving ecosystems for future generations. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride! ​

Team Tala