Introducing Light Engine

Light Engine Range

Light Engine may not be our most beautiful product, but it is by far our most powerful. And we’re very excited to share what our Design, Engineering and Product Development teams have been perfecting for the past 18 months.

Read more to learn about this ground-breaking new LED light bulb.

What is Light Engine?

Light Engine is a range of high-performance, functional light sources designed to improve upon halogen performance. It consists of three high output, Dim to Warm lamps which produce 1000lm, 2000lm & 3000lm, with excellent colour rendering and minimal heat emission.

What does it do?

Light Engine’s three sizes have been specifically designed to retrofit into a wide range of high-end and contemporary lighting fixtures. It produces powerful, high quality, omni-directional light that evenly illuminates open and enclosed fixtures.

Why is it different?

Due to its advanced Dim to Warm technology, Light Engine can dim down to achieve a smooth, flicker-free transition between 2700-2200K, whilst maintaining its high CRI and energy efficiency.

Why should we move away from halogen?

Halogen has been the ‘go-to’ light bulb since the 1980s. Its compact size, high lumen output, CRI and natural dim-to-warm behaviour, in addition to its relatively cheap cost, made it the obvious choice for lighting professionals and consumers alike.

However, halogen sources are highly inefficient with short lifespans, and many fixtures have discoloured over time from the intense heat that halogen generates. This inefficiency led to a complete EU ban of halogen products in late 2018.

A large number of high-end products on the market still exist that were designed with halogen in mind. The Light Engine range responds to customer demand and provides a high-powered LED solution that surpasses the performance of Halogen sources.

Sounds great! When is it available to purchase?

Light Engine is now available from selected retailers and distributors in the UK and EU. Light Engine in 120V will be available in the US from summer 2020.

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