Mayfair Flower Show

Mayfair Flower Show

Pretty much every week our design team is hard at work on a beautiful lighting installation, whether it’s for a trade show, a showroom, or a restaurant opening.

Tuesday was the launch of the Mayfair Flower Show at two Michelin star restaurant, Sketch. How do we fit in? Well, Rebel Rebel, badass florists and also our neighbours at Regent Studios, were commissioned to deck the place out in a plethora of plants and flowers to celebrate the English garden.

The only thing they were missing was decorative lighting. So knock knock knocking they came at our door, and a collaboration was born. Our designer Sophie and production guru Jakub were hard to work to design and install the lighting element of the space.

Central to the restaurant, Rebel Rebel had planned to build a Wardian Case structure. Forerunner to the modern terrarium, the Wardian Case was used to transport living plants from around the world. Rebel Rebel brought the wire frame to life with colourful plant specimens and our nature-inspired Voronoi pendants. A match made in heaven!

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