Sustainability Made Easy

Sustainability Made Easy

​Last Thursday, amidst the madness of London Design Week, Pedals Delivery organised a meet up through the Sustainable London Community.

The speakers included Alex Fletcher from Cru Kafe, Woon Tan from If You Want To, and myself representing Tala. We were asked to speak about our business and our approach to creating sustainable products and services.

So what is our approach? In a nutshell, every product we bring to market has to check three boxes:
1. Beautiful & durable design
2. Innovative technology
3. Sustainable

Our product design is what drives our business. We are obsessed with bringing beauty into the world, and we won’t compromise, not even on the packaging detail!

The ethos of Tala is to design beautiful, low carbon hardware. That means products of everyday use that look great and have a positive environmental impact when in use.

Right now (as you probably realised) we are focused on LED lighting. LED is well known now as a low-energy light source, it is also pretty infamous for delivering industrial, harsh, white light. The classic Edison bulb on the other hand is very popular these days, but very energy draining (in fact incandescent lightbulbs have now been classified as heaters in Germany because they are better at giving off heat than producing light!).

That’s where we come in. We’ve achieved the exact same look as the Edison bulb, with the same warm light, using innovative LED technology. Our design team is always busy coming up with new designs, like our Voronoi range which we launched last week at Design Junction.

Our products in themselves are sustainable because they are so energy efficient (A++) and long lasting (10-15 years). We have worked hard to build trust in our brand so that consumers can be assured investing in our bulbs means they are contributing towards a more sustainable world.

We want to see a world where high-quality, durable, sustainable products with a slightly higher price point are the norm. Imaging beautifully curated spaces with well-designed, functional “things”. Less clutter. Less stuff. Less is better, don’t you think?


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