The art of the Voronoi III

The art of the Voronoi III

“LED technology has enabled us to challenge the form of the light bulb and push the boundaries of mouth-blown glass for the first time. The Voronoi III encapsulates the future of LED lighting and embodies the mission we are undertaking at Tala to create exquisite products that have a positive impact.”
Joe Armitage – Design Director

A year in the making, we’re finally ready to launch our latest light; and it’s nothing like you’ve seen before. Let’s take a look at the incredible journey our design and engineering teams have been on for the last 12 months.

Studying the way light travels through the branches of the trees became the core focus in this design process. We created a 3D model of the pattern in resin, after smoothing down its edges to simulate natural erosion over time. This process took a year to master. To recreate the voronoi pattern our designers introduced a custom singular spiral of LED filament through a central column of the bulb.

Our artisans in Shenzhen mouth blow every individual Voronoi bulb into a steel mould to create the organic and fluid shape.

We use Borosilicate glass, which requires much higher temperatures to morph into our final shapes, but results in a more durable, scratch-resistant material. Once the glass has set, it is iron tinted in a boiling hot vacuum chamber, where it gets melted into the glass.

The filament at the centre of the bulb is coated with our signature phosphor mix, carefully calibrated to reduce and control glare. This has been designed entirely with your comfort in mind, so you may notice less strain on your eyes, and definitely no annoying flashing spots floating in front of you. It is then inserted by hand, and is kept in place by a minuscule wired structure.

Once the bulb is on, the light is uniquely reflected and refracted within each bulb to create the unique sinuous, golden glow.

With its elongated form and elegant droplet shape, the Voronoi III is the largest sculptural bulb ever made, measuring a whopping 40cm x 20cm. This bulb brings sustainable, decorative lighting into your home and has brought glass, metal and light together like never before.

Complete the look with Brass or Walnut pendants. The brass enhances the warm, amber glow of the bulb with its high sheen aesthetic, whereas the pure American hardwood compliments the organic forms with a natural finish. These beautiful combinations are currently being sold at a special price for a limited time, exclusively on our website.

If you’re in London, visit Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road to experience the Voronoi III in all its glory in a cluster of a dozen bulbs.

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