The Mini Bar

The Mini Bar

Our love for classic design doesn’t stop at light bulbs. In the spirit of of reinvention and revelry, we converted a vintage Mini Cooper into a White Port & Tonic bar. Its first stop: the highlight at London Design Festival every year, designjunction. ​

By welding a parasol onto the rooftop of the car, we suspended a cluster of Voronoi bulbs from it, creating a visual reflection of patterns found in the forest canopy – the original inspiration behind their design. As the bulbs swayed and glinted in the open air, carousel-like, they cloaked the bar in a warm glow.

The idea of turning a vintage Mini Cooper into a pop-up bar is a reflection of our product design process. In taking something beautiful and classic and reinventing it with a contemporary twist, we can get closer to it and experience it in a fresh way. ​

Attraction to light is a basic human instinct, so we are pleased that so many visitors stopped by for a sip and a chat, curious about the display. As our bulbs were dimmed down for the last time on Sunday evening, we looked back on the week with big smiles. Keep an eye out for the Mini Bar rolling up at a design event near you!

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