The secret life of an Electrician

The secret life of an Electrician

“I have installed many fiddly architectural light fittings in my time but the quality of your products made my job very easy. I will be recommending Tala to all my clients.” – Chris Day 2018

Our bulbs were born to create lighting experiences throughout the day and night in your homes, working spaces and provide easy solutions to every fixture and fittings.
Purchasing Tala bulbs that are beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting is one thing, but installing them into one’s home can be challenging, especially when utilising our custom ceiling plate.

For the first time in Tala history, we have interviewed an expert electrician named Chris Day. Chris has worked with our products on several occasions, most recently whilst installing Tala into his client’s office in Tottenham.

​In this interview-style blog, he talks about the favourite parts of his job, his thoughts on Tala products and how they affect different interiors. #atworkwithTala

​First of all, what do you do? And how long have you been in that profession?
I’m an electrician and I run a company called Mayday Electrical Solutions.
I have been in the profession since I left school at the tender working age of 16. I always felt the educational system never really complimented my practical abilities, and so the day I began my apprenticeship I immediately felt a sense of belonging. Whilst my friends went off to university, I was far more at home in a pair of overalls.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I really enjoy going into people’s personal spaces and striking a connection to gain their trust and confidence. Discussing their ideas and winning the work at the end of it is very rewarding.

What do you know about us as a brand?
Tala is a company that combines design, material, and sustainability into their products which are most prominent in the Voronoi range through the filament, glass and lamp pendant, each component working together, which is only truly seen once you first turn the lamps on.

I also think Tala placed itself in the market at the right time. At the beginning LED lamps had this cold flickering reputation, now customers not only see the benefit of upgrading to LED lamps but they want a premium product and Tala seems to be the Ferrari of architectural lighting industry in my opinion.

Is there anything that instantly stands out to you about the way our lights affect the interior they’re in?
The handmade feel that you don’t get with other lamps. They appear to each have their own character! Also, the filament is made from a high-grade material which gives off a level of warmth originally lost when mainstream lamps moved away from the old tungsten filament into LEDs.
Normally 2200K can look a bit dull in naturally lit modern spaces, however, the way the glass mirrors the light in the Voronoi range really makes the light look brighter than it actually is. The bulbs look more aesthetically pleasing surrounded by dark woods and neutral colours to illuminate the warm glow from the Sapphire Substrate lashing the neutral walls with a warm orange glow.

This interview was incredibly insightful, and has definitely taught us a thing or two about the correct ways to light our spaces. Thanks Chris for sharing your experiences and wise words.

We will be working with Chris on a series of blog posts to teach you more about the life of an electrician. Stay tuned for some of Chris’s case studies and more interesting ways to install Tala products in your space.

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​More #atworkwithTala blog posts are to come this Spring. Stay Tuned.