At Home with Tala

At Home with Tala

Light impacts our productivity levels, sleep cycles, and eyesight. In this blog post we’ll be speaking about how lighting can benefit your wellbeing and how Tala light bulbs and fixtures contribute to your home environment. Be #athomewithTala.


Home – həʊm/noun
1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Space – speɪs/noun
2. the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.

light – lʌɪt/noun
3. the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

The Scandis have it sussed. Good mood starts at home. We’ve all heard of the power of “hygge” to make us happier: acknowledging that cosy feeling you get from spending time with loved ones, appreciating moments alone and taking care of your environment.


For Stockholm Furniture Fair, we’re building a home. LED bulbs tend to be the opposite of warm and cosy, but ours purposefully imitate the warm, instant glow of the original Edison bulb, marrying it with our energy and cost saving technology for a more efficient bulb that doesn’t compromise on “hygge” levels.

Our curated room set features a welcoming cluster of Voronoi III bulbs in the centre of the stand, hinting at natural influences from the outdoors. Take a seat at Philippe Malouin’s Group chairs underneath and imagine you’re in the forest, wind in your hair and sunlight breaking through the canopy breaks.

We invite guests to get a little closer to the light at the Touch Lamp shelf. Tap the brass base to switch between the different dimming settings and experience the effect on your mood. Hung above is the complete Voronoi family; I, II and III, throwing a gentle glow onto the backdrop of Kvadrat textile.

In the corner, our dining table courtesy of Benchmark. A series of bulbs from our Porcelain range hangs above; playing with the geometries of the space and breaking up the bold colour of the back wall with calm orbs of white light.

Whether you’re a lover of Scandi minimal aesthetics, traditional warm woods or moody dark stone, a Tala fixture and light can enhance a space in your home.

The Voronoi III will be showcased for the first time in Scandinavia alongside our smaller Voronoi and Porcelain ranges at the Stockholm Furniture Fair (6-8th February) in Hall B10:01 – bring on that hygge!

Ask yourself: where would you place yours?