Team Tala Takes on New York Design Week

During late May, Team Tala exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair during New York Design Week.

New Collections Unveiled

Head of Design, Dan, unveiled two new collections slated for a summer release. These collections promise to redefine contemporary lighting with Tala's signature blend of elegance and sustainability.

B Corp Talk

Co-founder Joshua Ward joined industry leaders from //3877, Metropolis Magazine, and MINNA Goods in a compelling panel discussion on B Corp certification. The session delved deep into the transformative power of B Corp certification, highlighting the economic and ethical advantages of pursuing this rigorous standard.



Engaging with the Design Community

The Tala North America team had the opportunity to catch up with clients, both familiar faces and new connections, sparking lively conversations about sustainable lighting solutions.



ICFF served as a vibrant canvas for Tala's collaborations with esteemed partners. Standout mentions include:

• Virginia Sin: The new ceramic series, particularly the Shado sconce, is stunning.

• CYM: The Petit Stack Lamp by CYM stands out in the ceramic category.



• Stickbulb: Their One Dot Sconce exemplifies exquisite design and woodworking.



• Vy Voi’s Re Cay Collection: This beautiful series of Vietnamese paper lanterns with ceramic bases highlights our light engine designs perfectly.