Lights to Transform Your WFH Space

Lights to Transform Your WFH Space

Four years on from the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid and remote roles have continued to grow in popularity for both employers and employees. As a result, many of us have adjusted our home layouts, interior choices and even our relationship dynamics with both family and colleagues to fit the ‘new normal’.

Desks, ergonomic chairs and low maintenance houseplants are the obvious starting points for creating a comfortable and functional workspace in the home, but lighting is as important as any feature. In this simple guide, we’ll highlight why ambient lighting can transform your home office into a place that's not just where you work - but where you thrive.

Alumina in Chalk

Products featured: Alumina Lamp in Chalk

1. Take a Dim View

We have explored the benefits of Dim to Warm technology in other blogs [link], but it can’t be overstated how effective a lamp like Alumina can be in shaping your day. Opting for a bright colour temperature during the day helps to keep productivity high, while dimming down as the day progresses will help the brain relax into the evening as you tie up loose ends via email or conference call. The flicker-free behaviour of the Sphere bulb helps to reduce eye strain, while the colour temperature control gives you the power to curate the atmosphere.


Loop in dark grey and gold

John Tree and Loop in Gold
Products featured: Loop in Gold and Dark Grey

2. The Art of Design

Style choices are important. You want your workspace to reflect your personality while offering comfort and calm even in the most stressful circumstances. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a more eclectic vibe, our collection of Table Lamps allows you to express yourself and your preferences, while ensuring a productive environment.

Shore Table Lamp in Bottle Brown

Reflection Oblo Table Lamp

Lochan Wall Light
Products featured: Shore in Bottle Brown (top) Reflection Oblo Table Lamp (middle) and Lochan + Sphere III Wall Light (bottom)

3. In the Mood

Beyond its practical applications, ambient lighting possesses the transformative ability to influence mood and mental well-being. As we spend extended hours navigating tasks and deadlines at home, the right lighting can positively impact our emotional state. Tala Table Lamps allow you to tailor the atmosphere to your needs. From fostering focus during the day to creating a serene ambiance in the evening, ambient lighting becomes a subtle yet powerful tool to enhance your overall work experience.

Alumina Table Lamp in Sapphire

Products featured: Alumina in Charcoal


When designing or updating your WFH station, carefully consider the light you use in the space. Lumen output, CRI score and dimming features are useful starting points in establishing a comfortable and productive environment. Now get to work…

Knuckle Table Lamp

Products featured: Knuckle Table Lamp + Sphere IV (Left) Knuckle Table Lamp + Voronoi I (Right)


Top Tip:

Don’t forget about natural light. Position your desk as close to the window as possible, and make sure you get plenty of natural light before you start work to replace the brisk walk to the bus stop or cycle ride when journeying into the office.