International Day of Light, 2023

International Day of Light, 2023

May 16th marks a moment in the year for us to reflect on light as an essential tool for progress and development.

Marking the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman, the UNESCO International Day of Light is an annual call to arms for science, technology, culture and art to use light as way to foster peace and sustainable development.

Since Tala's launch in 2015, the team have endeavoured to use light as a source of inspiration, designing countless installations and exhibits to showcase the magic of light. 

In this roundup, we have collated some of our favourite moments from years gone by in which our lights have taken centre stage.  

Frankfurt 2016

Frankfurt Light + Build 2016

In one of our earliest exhibitions we created this giant circular canopy, displaying dozens of Gaia bulbs at staggered heights and formations. This shot taken from underneath the display perfectly captures the geometric shape of the design.

Design Junction 2016

Design Junction 2016

Utilising a bespoke branch-like structure, this display of Porcelain bulbs and Brass pendants was the focal point of our display at the Design Junction stand during London Design Festival 2016. 

Maison et Objet 2016

Maison et Objet 2016

Featuring over 250 Oval bulbs, this striking entranceway to our sales stand during the Maison et Objet exhibition in 2016 epitomised our ability to use light to draw crowds and gasps in equal measure.

Voronoi Sketch 2017

Sketch 2017

Created in collaboration with REBEL REBEL Flowers, this display for Sketch featuring our signature Voronoi II bulb in Walnut pendants in a celebration of light and colour. 

LDF 2017 Mini Bar - Voronoi

London Design Festival 2017

Housed under a giant umbrella and perched atop a Tala-branded, vintage VW Mini, this display of Voronoi bulbs and Brass pendants created a buzz around LDF 2017 and got Tala noticed by the design community. 

ICFF 2018

ICFF 2018

Hanging dozens of Voronoi III bulbs from custom canopies high above the visitors at ICFF, this installation captured the imagination of the New York design community and was the launchpad for our growth in North America.

Tala x Espasso 2019

Milan Design Week, 2019

Working in collaboration with design brand, Espasso, this custom halo-style display accentuated our creative and considered use of light to tell stories in spaces. 

NYCxDesign 2019

NYCxDesign, Next Level Exhibition 2019

This custom display of Voronoi III bulbs was the standout feature of the Next Level exhibition during NYCxDesign in 2019. 

Downtown Design Dubai 2020

Downtown Design Dubai 2020

The modest design of this installation belies its significance. Launching after the lockdown of 2020, this expertly curated and managed exhibition represented a return to relative normality, and gave us renewed energy to promote our lighting in new regions. 

John Tree Milan 2023

Milan Design Week, 2023

For our latest exhibition, we joined our friends Pollice Illuminazione at their showroom in Milan to showcase our latest release, Loop. In this photo, the designer of Loop, John Tree, took a moment to enjoy his creations. 


To learn more about International Day of Light, head over to the UNESCO website